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A note of APPRECIATION!!!!

Here's my chance to write my first note of appreciation to my visitors. I'lL probably say how excited I am to have this note here.

Before i wrote my sincere Appreciation i would like to write something on DESIRE.

i know what comes to ur heart is What do i mean by "DESIRE"
Others may ask for much, only these do i ask,O God to gaze at ur beauty on the world's ugliness, to make u my habitation when men build towers,to say i need u when others say, i can make it, to kneel before u when many walk away. to say yes, when others say no, to smile in **** of u As others reject u, to Desire 4 u, when men turn away,And to hunger 4 u, more than life, so that only u will be my DESIRE!!!.


To whom should my first appreciation goes to.... God

To God be the Glory
He causes me to shine like the sun that comes from where no man knows and shine gloriously that a blind man do not have to see but feel, and a deaf man do not have to hear but see.
My Mum i really love u,To all the people that as in one way or the other give support to this web-site also to my  friend Oso Oluwafemi who in one way or the other as really contribute much on the establishment of this site i said i really love,cherish & care 4 u all..........

I love every body Did u know?
God is not Nitel is line is always free.
God is not Gsm is Network is always available.
God is not pay as u go but pray as u go 'cos is the best connection.