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Who is really this 'SEUN ???

'Seun is a young guy born in tha west part of Africa in a year in tha 18th century...

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Ma History....
According to History, dis 'seun was
born in a beautfull morning on da
day of July in one of the yaer in the 20th century.
In 2 a family of six
....I'm fathered by
Mr moses
Mrs F.orowale[mother]
Miss Shola O.[eldiest sister]fflw
Funke O.
Sunday O.
Gbenga O.
late miss Kemi O.
then the big 'seun was born.
Don't give advice!!!
Don't give Advice , the wise don't need it & the Fool won't take it...Advice is general decission is personal...

Ma Education Life !!!
My Mother as A person want the best 4 me, by so doing i am proud to say i went to the best school in ma area.
Below are the schools i went;
Sijuwade Nur&pry sch.[Nursery level]
Faith standard nur&pry sch.[Primary level]
Pathfinder Group of sch.[Primary/j.s.s level]
Saint peter Gram. sch.[s.s.s level]
O.A.U[tertiary level,the dreammed university]


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How was the luv of God to me???
Back to Back, Front to Front, Side to Side, Up & Down....That's how the love God had 4 me is!
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Some Forget their sense of DECENCY!