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Does this Kelvic have any thing expecting or aiming in future???
This said seun is a guy of vision & mission... His great, superior, main aim, ambition in his brigther future is to be a Medical Doctor and at the same time owns many big companises through out the nation.

What About Social Life???
As Everyone has commities,club,associations & many other like that, also some still don't have...Is not they can have, but they are waiting for the best one to arrive.Also Oluwaseun is still waiting to see the best congregation of good ambassadors to join but not precising Oluwaseun still have some great ones that they do move together, they are people like...Oso Oluwafemi esq web;osofem.7p.com,Akindele Adedeji web;not on the net yet,Adeoye Adewunmi web;whummi.8m.com& Also i have ones that we went to the same citadel of learning they are people likeAdeleke Opeyemi,Adetoye Adeboye,Olajire Adedeji,Adeyemi Olayinka& lots more.

~~~Pursuing my dreams!!!
"Everyone knows about dreams. We all have them...& we all expect to never see them come true! that is the reality of life.Well, the reality of 'seun is that dreams to come true!
I have, & i've constantly amazed at what i've received 'ough these years!


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